Renewable Energy in Sevenoaks


Sun & Air are free, inexhaustible sources of energy & we can use solar panels to harness the sun’s power or heat pumps to use warmth from the ground or air.

  There are many different ways to make renewable energy work for you – whether it is domestic heating, hot water or even a swimming pool. Below is a simple explanation of two most popular renewable energy appliances.

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 Solar Thermal Panels work to pre-heat the water in the hot water cylinder which reduces electricity/fuel consumption considerably – by up to 50%.  They work in conjunction with the home’s existing hot water system. Solar Thermal panels can be either on-roof or in-roof integrated.

Plumber in SevenoaksHeat Pumps work in a similar way to a fridge only in reverse. I.e. they take warmth from the air or ground & convert it to higher temperatures to heat your home & water. Some types of heat pump can directly replace your existing boiler.  The real bonus of heat pumps is that they use much less energy than they produce. e.g. a well designed system may need 1 kWh of electricity input but you will get 3 or 4 kWh of heat output.

Heat pumps deliver the best performance when working with underfloor heating but can also work with standard upsized radiators or low temperature radiators.

Invicta Plumbing have trained extensively in Renewable Energy Technology & Installation & keep up to date with new innovations & incentives to give you the most current & best possible renewable energy advice & service.

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